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Savoury show stopper

Today PSG hosted a savoury bake off in the office. Members of the team brought in homemade (and not so homemade) savoury bakes comprising sausage rolls, quiche, cheese scones, scotch eggs, hot stuffed jalapeno’s and Indian pakora. Other members of the team brought an empty belly and a pocket full of change to raise money towards our Dragon Boat

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Wear it woolly for Age UK

The winter months can have a devastating impact on the health of many older people. 24,000 older people in the UK are expected to die prematurely from the cold this winter, approximately 300 of those in Shropshire. One in three people couldn't afford to heat their homes properly last year and with continuing high fuel costs, that figure could be

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Planned preventive maintenance

PSG offer various Service Level Agreements that can cover all your planned maintenance needs. Regular planned maintenance helps prolong equipment life, whilst keeping you up to date with all your legal requirements. Planned preventive maintenance (PPM), is scheduled maintenance specifically for any fixed accessories or portable equipment to ensure

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Every second counts when a person is suffering a cardiac rest, that’s why PSG is currently working with Heartstart Midlands to distribute defibrillators across Shropshire.

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Fitness extravaganza

A fitness extravaganza is currently sweeping the PSG office, this has included many of the team taking part in the fantastic Shrewsbury Park Run a 5k jaunt through The Quarry which is a free event every Saturday morning. Pictured at this Saturday’s slightly soggy Parkrun from left to right is Neil Castle, Rob Leighton, Bethan Humphreys and Martin

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Severn Hospice Dragon Boat Race 2018

After reaching the finals last year, we are delighted to announce that PSG will once again be taking part in the Dragon Boat Festival, which returns to Shrewsbury School Boat Club on Sunday 8th July 2018. Our fancy dress theme this year is ‘Horse Jockeys’ and our team name is ‘Hold your Oarses’. We are committed to raise a minimum of £1,000 in

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Domestic property design work

Our multi-disciplinary design team has a range of experience across a variety of sectors including domestic and housing. Whether you are planning a grand design or a domestic extension we can assist you with concept, feasibility, Planning, technical design and Building Control approval.

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Condition surveys

Property management is essential to the success of many businesses, but is not always a high priority and a lack of maintenance can ultimately have serious consequences for the day to day operations and the finances of a business. A suitable maintenance strategy is the key to effective property management. Cost-cutting measures often result in…

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