Architectural design

PSG offers a multi-disciplinary design service, professionally managing your whole construction project from conception to completion and beyond, with all the necessary procurement processes and statutory approvals taken care of.  Our in-house architectural technologists work closely with clients to ensure a design solution that meets their specific aspirations and budget, using our team of specialist engineers and premises specialists.

The team has extensive experience in the public sector, and in recent years has successfully delivered refurbishment and new build projects in a range of sectors, including education, health care, leisure and housing.

Using the latest 3D design tools and specification software we’re fully BIM-enabled, allowing for greater collaboration with the client and contractor through the construction project.

Shifnal Primary School new classroom

Did you know PSG works in many sectors and can also assist with Domestic property design work?

Whether you are planning a grand design or a domestic extension we can assist you with concept, feasibility, Planning, technical design and Building Control approval. Our service provision can be tailored to meet your requirement, allowing you keep control of your project or if you prefer to have it managed for you from start to finish.

Using the latest design software you will be able to visualise the proposals in 3D at design stage before we complete the technical design drawings necessary for Building Regulations approval, Contractor pricing and construction.

Operating within the Local Authority we are ideally placed to support and oversee your project smoothly through from conception to completion.

So whatever you design plans, big or small, PSG can assist you. Please feel free to contact us

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Building services engineering

PSG has an experienced team of electrical and mechanical engineers specialising in building services design, project management and maintenance.

Using our approved list of local contactors across all sectors, we can support you at each stage of your project, from conception and detailed design, right through to managing the installation, commissioning and post-completion support and maintenance.

Using the latest specialist hardware and software, including 3D modelling and thermal imaging, we design building services to the latest regulations and legislation, and to BIM standards. This ensures that the client’s requirements are fully realised, while also reducing energy and CO₂ usage, which in turn reduces running costs for the building occupiers.

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Building surveying

We’re able to undertake projects and support in all property sectors, from residential to commercial, with a bespoke service tailored to suit your project requirements.

Using our in-house expertise and specialist software, we’re able to provide you with a range of services including:

  • Measured surveys in 2D and 3D
  • Structural surveys
  • Condition surveys
  • Dilapidation schedules
  • Quinquennial inspections
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk management plans
  • Fire safety and risk assessments
  • Asset and facilities management
  • Energy assessment and monitoring
  • Party wall and boundary disputes
  • Defects and diagnosis reports
  • Assessments in compliance with the Equality Act 2010

We can undertake these services to facilitate property acquisition, portfolio management or as an aid to plan maintenance schedules.

Our team members hail from a diverse range of career backgrounds, so we’ll be able to assist with almost any project you have in mind, perhaps relating to one of the following:

  • Civil engineering
  • Conservation
  • Contract administration
  • Playground inspections
  • Planning permission
  • Building regulation approval

Our aim is to maximise the value of your assets, and we’re able to provide a dedicated surveyor to help achieve this and ensure continuity for clients.

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Clerk of works service

PSG offer a Clerk of Works service to ensure high quality workmanship is maintained throughout the life of the project, including defects/liability periods, to comply with clients’ requirements.  In most cases Architects, Technologists and Engineers prepare the specifications and our Clerk of Works ensure that the correct materials are used and that the client is receiving excellent quality as well as value for money.

Clerk of Works liaise closely with contractors but maintain independence, working in the best interests of our employer and/or client.

Our Clerk of Works can provide all aspects of construction advice due to their vast experience of working on all types of construction sites such as new build, refurbishment, restoration, minor alterations, problem solving and investigations.

Our Clerk of Works are fully engaged in continuous professional development to enable them to keep abreast of developments in areas such as new materials, practices, law, regulations and health and safety legislation.

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Planned preventative maintenance

Statutory compliance and standard maintenance checks are often forgotten aspects of any premises. PSG offers a comprehensive structured support service for the procurement, delivery and monitoring of a full range of planned preventative maintenance, ensuring that equipment is safe and compliant, through our associations and partnerships with skilled, accredited contractors.

Our well-designed planned preventive maintenance scheme will improve system reliability, decrease cost of replacement, result in decreased system downtime, and allow for better spares inventory management.

We have over 50 service contracts available but we can add to this to at any time to meet clients’ requirements.  Please contact us for more details.

A statutory test or inspection is one required by law. It isn’t negotiable and must be complied with. Failure to comply will result in a large fine, and possibly a custodial sentence, for the person or persons responsible for the failure.

For further information, please email


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Reactive maintenance

Our experienced surveying and admin team provides a helpline service to resolve your repairs and breakdowns, using our fully evaluated and competent list of approved contractors. This enables buildings to continue to operate safely, effectively and with minimum disruption.

We also offer an out of hours’ service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to give you peace of mind, knowing that in an emergency we’ll be able to get things back on track.

At the heart of everything we do is the realisation that we make a positive difference, ensuring a safe and modern environment in which to work and study.

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Technology forge cloud

The Technology Forge (ISO 27001-2013 accredited) is the leading property and asset management software supplier to the public sector within the UK, managing over £42 billion of public sector assets for local authorities, central government, housing associations, the NHS, police and fire authorities and schools, as well as a variety of private sector organisations.

Using Technology Forge, we can run a helpdesk, maintain up-to-date property and asset information, process invoices, manage budgets, conduct surveys and manage your planned maintenance programme.

We adopted the 'TF cloud' in April 2016, allowing us to offer a user-friendly customer portal, through which users can log help calls directly. You can also download an app to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to inform us of issues on the spot. You can even send us photos through the portal to show us exactly what the problem is. Log on to the portal and start logging those help calls.

If you don’t know your log in details, contact us:

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We're a dedicated, experienced, locally based team of professionals with vast experience and knowledge of working with schools. We pride ourselves in creating, managing and maintaining inspirational, safe and modern learning environments. 

We're able to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ service, from inception to completion, of both new build and refurbishment projects, as well as planned and reactive maintenance for all aspects of your schools portfolio. By using the latest technologies and continually investing in our staff, we're able to provide our customers with a high quality and trusted service.

Core features of our service include:

  • A dedicated building, electrical and mechanical surveyor
  • Planned and reactive maintenance for your school
  • Provision of emergency out of hours service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Visit the Inspire to Learn website for further information on our full range of education services.

Long Mountain Primary School

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Land surveying and 3D scanning service

We have a small team of experienced Land Surveyors suitably equipped to map and model our clients requirements; mainly in the Property, Education, Highway and Drainage environments. We specialise in 3D point cloud data capture, measured building and topographical surveys, plan/profile/elevation and cross sectional drawing production, drainage & underground utility investigations, boundary disputes, levelling and setting out services.

We are able to export and present the information we gather in a variety of file formats including, but not limited to: DWG, DXF, RVT, RCP, PTS, PDF, e57, GENIO, TXT, CSV, XYZ, XLS or the good old fashioned paper deliverable in any size up to A0.

We have also purchased a FARO Focus S 150 Digital Laser Scanner combined with the highly advanced FARO SCENE & PointSense software.   Investment in this new technology has enhanced the surveying services the group has to offer, enabling us to capture vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently in any environment with extreme accuracy and precision.  Being able to gather up to 1 million points per second, alongside HDR quality photography, the possibility of creating a 3D virtual world for our clients assets is now a reality.

We take great pride in establishing and maintaining a healthy partnership with all our clients both old and new, therefore we provide a free no obligation informal advice service and quotation for all projects. Please contact us to discuss your survey requirements and the potential solutions tailored to your needs - 01743 281079.

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CIF Bids


The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is an annual bidding opportunity for academies and sixth-form colleges to apply for capital funding.

The core priority of CIF funding is to address significant condition need, keeping buildings safe and in good working order.

We can support the application process on a ‘no-win-no-fee’ basis for schools agreeing to award the professional services contracts to PSG once funding has been awarded.

Using the funding you have been awarded, we can provide you with an award winning multi-disciplinary design service which can ensure that you maximise the potential of your existing buildings.  Using the latest state-of-the-art software, incorporating Building Information Modelling (BIM), we deliver sustainable and cost effective building projects. 


CIF - Frequently asked questions:

When is the deadline for CIF bid submission?

The deadline is to be announced by the ESFA but is usually early December.

What projects are eligible for CIF funding?

Projects which address poor building condition, building compliance, energy efficiency or health and safety.

The highest priority to condition projects that address compliance and health and safety issues. These include fire protection systems, gas safety, electrical safety or emergency asbestos removal.  Priority is then given to projects that ensure weather tight buildings and continuous heating and water supply.

See ESFA guidance for more details

What is the criteria for assessing the bids?

Bids are assessed by the ESFA based on assessment criteria with the following weighting:  Project Need 60%, Project Planning 15%, Project Cost 25%.

See ESFA guidance for more details

How can PSG assist with your CIF bid application? 

PSG can provide the CIF bid supporting information which the ESFA use to assess the CIF bid based on the above criteria.

Our professional Surveyors will inspect the condition and produce a survey document to evidence the project need.  The survey will give a condition score which the ESFA will assess in the submission.  PSG will also produce a cost estimate for the works to evidence project cost.  To evidence ‘project planning’ PSG produce outline programme for the proposed works and a risk register.

Will PSG submit my bid to ESFA?

The bid to the ESFA must come from the Academy themselves who should submit the application on the online portal.  PSG provide all the necessary supporting information to attach to the application.  PSG can also provide support and guidance for completing the online submission.

Why was my previous bid unsuccessful ?

From assessing feedback from previous unsuccessful bids submissions have been marked down for the following:

  • Insufficient evidence of impact on the School and/or evidence of risk of School closure
  • Lack of supporting financial contribution from the Academy from reserves or a loan, ESFA are typically looking for a 10% contribution
  • Project not meeting the ‘Highest’ priority rating for condition projects ie. Legislation Compliance and Health & Safety
  • Due to the volume of applications received by the ESFA under CIF only a relatively small number are successful (roughly 30% nationally).  The scoring threshold for successful bids has risen year on year and last year was 77%

When will I be notified if the bid has been successful ?

As the applicant the Academy will be notified whether the bid has been successful, this will usually be around the start of April.

How do I submit the CIF bid to the ESFA?

Via the online portal :

The academy or the individual School will need to register if they are first time applicants

What fee will PSG charge for this service?

PSG offers to assist with your CIF bid on a no-win-no-fee basis.  Should the bid be successful PSG will manage the procurement and delivery of the project and charge a percentage fee for this service.

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Facilities Management

The experienced and dedicated Facilities Management team within PSG are responsible for delivering a facilities management (FM) support service at a number of Council buildings throughout Shropshire to ensure that their requirements regarding facilities are met.  The FM team provide FM support to approximately 20 Council buildings throughout the county.

The team ensure that weekly statutory testing is carried out and that buildings are statutory compliant.  The team also ensure all fire risk assessments and building risk assessments are in place and up to date.  The team ensure that buildings are unlocked and secured each day and cleaning is in place on a daily basis.

The team are experienced, reliable and committed to providing an excellent facilities management service.  As a reactive service the team are proactive in resolving issues as and when they arise.

Some of the key services the team provide are:

  •  Weekly testing of fire alarms and emergency lighting
  • Arrange contracts for waste collection, sanitary bins, confidential waste, intruder alarms, washroom supplies, cleaning
  • Arrange for security guarding as and when required including an annual key holding service
  • Arrange for washroom supplies to be refilled on a daily basis
  • Statutory requirement for the display of health & safety information, energy usage certificate
  • Initial contact for any security incidents or any incidents that may affect the building from operating effectively
  • Arranging access for contractors as and when required
  • Arrange for fire risk assessments to be carried out via PSG’s approved contractors
  • Provide support for planned building evacuations
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