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Maintenance of drainage and gutters

May 2018 was one of the sunniest and warmest on record but the very heavy rain showers at the end of the month and at the start of June caused flash flooding to roads, car parks and playgrounds as well as damage to buildings here in Shropshire. Sometimes the amount of rain which falls in a short space of time can overwhelm even the best and most

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Tech Severn 2018 conference

PSG are really excited to showcase our FARO Focus S 150 Digital Laser Scanner combined with our highly advanced FARO SCENE & PointSense software!! Investment in this new technology has enhanced the surveying services the group has to offer, enabling us to capture vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently in any environment with extreme accuracy

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Coledale Challenge

On Friday 20th April, PSG's Manager, Steve Carpenter, took part in the Coledale Challenge in the Lake District, which consisted of walking 10 fells over 13.5 miles with over 6,000 feet of climbing. Luckily he was blessed with amazing weather, as you can see from the photograph which was taken at Fell No 8, Grassmoor at 852m.

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Quantity Surveying for PSG

Most people don’t fully understand what being a Quantity Surveyor fully entails, Ken Murphy explains what it's all about. I have heard Quantity Surveyors described as ”parasites” and as being like “someone who after the battle goes in and bayonets the wounded”. On a more serious note within our organisation the main function is to provide cost

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