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Coledale Challenge

On Friday 20th April, PSG's Manager, Steve Carpenter, took part in the Coledale Challenge in the Lake District, which consisted of walking 10 fells over 13.5 miles with over 6,000 feet of climbing. Luckily he was blessed with amazing weather, as you can see from the photograph which was taken at Fell No 8, Grassmoor at 852m.

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Quantity Surveying for PSG

Most people don’t fully understand what being a Quantity Surveyor fully entails, Ken Murphy explains what it's all about. I have heard Quantity Surveyors described as ”parasites” and as being like “someone who after the battle goes in and bayonets the wounded”. On a more serious note within our organisation the main function is to provide cost

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When thoughtful design can give the best result for less cost

When components become faulty the knee-jerk reaction is so often replacement, but further thought can sometimes pay dividends. The main trading floor of Shrewsbury’s Iconic Market is circled by a perimeter floor drainage channel which has ten cast iron gullies at the head of downpipes with traps. The channel collects cleaning and wash-down water

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Savoury show stopper

Today PSG hosted a savoury bake off in the office. Members of the team brought in homemade (and not so homemade) savoury bakes comprising sausage rolls, quiche, cheese scones, scotch eggs, hot stuffed jalapeno’s and Indian pakora. Other members of the team brought an empty belly and a pocket full of change to raise money towards our Dragon Boat

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