Tech Severn 2018 conference

PSG are really excited to showcase our FARO Focus S 150 Digital Laser Scanner combined with our highly advanced FARO SCENE & PointSense software!!

Investment in this new technology has enhanced the surveying services the group has to offer, enabling us to capture vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently in any environment with extreme accuracy and precision.

Being able to gather up to 1 million points per second, alongside HDR quality photography, the possibility of creating a 3D virtual world for our client’s assets is now a reality.

Our land surveyors have been trained and the equipment is now up and running.  Please visit our stand to see the scanner in action, and for further information.  To book a place click here.

We can also be contacted on the number below if you would like a more detailed demonstration.

PSG Helpdesk - 01743 281079.