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PSG Away Day

On Friday 21st September, we held an away day which gave us the opportunity to spend time as a team focusing on our business, our achievements and how we work together. We focussed on: Successful teams Working together Business Update Communicating together Building on our successes

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Defibrillator Training

Heartstart Midlands gave defibrillator training for our first aider Katie Travis and also representatives from Woodlands, Trinity, Sundorne Infants and Harlescott Junior Schools. A life saved or a life lost, a defibrillator could be the difference.

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Winter advice for your buildings

With winter fast approaching, PSG have put together a useful checklist to ensure your building is safe and secure during the cold weather: November: Is security lighting switching at correct times? Have you checked emergency lights this term? Have you checked heating clock & optimiser settings? Have you checked thermostat frost settings? Are all

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Safety Bulletin Fuse Board Contactors

Contactors are used in modern electrical installations where multiple devices are time switched or when different circuits need to come on at the same time. For example, storage heaters, external lighting, fan and ventilation control, computer circuits, water heaters etc. These contactors are normally installed in an extension cabinet at the bottom

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Dragon Boat Race 2018

For the third time running, PSG took part in the annual Severn Hospice Dragon Boat Race on Sunday 9th July 2018. After reaching the final in 2017, expectations were running high and mood in the gazebo was probably not unlike England football team's dressing room, full of advice on technique and motivational talks taking place between races. The

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Summer sun

Summer is well and truly here and everyone is enjoying the long hot days and making the most of the sunshine while it’s here. But while you do, remember that just like the extreme cold weather we experienced only a few months ago, the recent heat wave brings its own implications for our buildings. It’s not only people who can be burned by the sun,…

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Maintenance of drainage and gutters

May 2018 was one of the sunniest and warmest on record but the very heavy rain showers at the end of the month and at the start of June caused flash flooding to roads, car parks and playgrounds as well as damage to buildings here in Shropshire. Sometimes the amount of rain which falls in a short space of time can overwhelm even the best and most

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