Mary Webb School Fenestration

The windows to the main block at Mary Webb Secondary School in Pontesbury were a mix of single glazed metal and timber frame units, all of which were in very poor condition and offered very little in terms of thermal efficiency.  The timber elements were rotten and it was possible to fully open the opening lights, which was very dangerous to the first and second floors.

During the summer of 2016 PSG undertook the internal remodelling of the ground floor to form a Secure Lobby within the original footprint of the building, which allowed us to do something really exciting with the fenestration to the new main entrance to the school.  Rather than simply replacing like for like the design of the new curtain walling was altered.  Insulated Spandrel panels were used top and bottom to blend with the new Suncool tinted glass openers, which on a fine day reflect the view of Pontesbury Hill.

 Internally, the new windows have provided improved learning environments as the glazing reduces thermal gain without compromising the light levels entering the building.  The rooms are now cooler in summer and warmer in winter, meaning the building is more thermally efficient.

The fenestration programme began in September and carried right through until March.  The school were very accommodating of the works by moving classes where required to allow the contractors full access to the work area and there were no complaints when the decibel level of certain elements began to rise.

Phase two of the fenestration project was carried out during the summer of 2017 and saw the transformation of the school hall and adjacent high level windows which can be seen as you approach the school via Bogey Lane.