Lower Heath Primary School window replacement

Following a successful first phase of the project in summer 2015, Allglass were again successful in the tender for the second phase of the work (Summer 2017) including replacement of large vertically sliding sash windows in the main School Hall.  The School building dates back to 1790 and has many original features.  Any work to the School building is carefully considered to be consistent with the original building.  Whilst modern materials, such as aluminium and uPVC, are often preferred for their durability – in this instance it was important replace like-for-like with timber in order to respect the original building, matching the original configuration of the windows. 

Prior to the window replacement the windows were single glazed, with poor energy efficiency, and the timber frames had become worn and rotten.  The new windows include high performance double glazed units, the school will benefit from improved energy efficient of the building, lower utility bills and maintenance cost savings.