Chairman's Room, Shirehall

At the end of 2017 PSG were commissioned to carry out a redesign of the Chairman’s Room at the Shirehall.  The Council Chairman is an elected member of the Council and their role is to ensure Full Council meetings are a forum for debate of matters of concern to the local community and a place at which Members can hold the Executive Committee to account.  Another aspect of their role is one of Civic and Ceremonial duties; to attend and host functions to promote the Council as a whole and its interests.

The suite had not been upgraded or even decorated for many decades which was hindering the Chair’s ability to promote Shropshire as a modern and forward thinking authority during Civic and Ceremonial events.  The redesign involved switching the Chairman’s Room and the adjacent underused meeting room to provide a larger space to comfortably accommodate 10 – 15 people at an event, completely redecorate the room including new carpets and window dressing and upgrade the furniture to a modern but classic style, which would complement the existing pieces which were to be retained, such as The Queens chair.  The Chairman holds many items which have been presented to Shropshire Council over the years from various organisations which needed to be displayed therefore a pair of bespoke shelving units were made.

Along with the aesthetic improvements to the suite comfort issues were also addressed.  The room does not have opening windows therefore during events it could get quite stuffy to combat this an air conditioning system was installed to both heat and cool the space effectively; lighting was also an issue, the previous room felt very office like due to the stark lighting and did not produce the relaxed and informal atmosphere required for the functions the Chairman holds.

The finished result has been praised throughout The Council with comments such as the one below:

 It really does look professional, modern, and when the Chairman has civic do’s etc., we can be proud to entertain and show that Shropshire Council is of high quality and open for the modern day.  It really will make a difference when people visit and for our civic pride, it really does show we are in government and mean business.’