Water supply pipe failure

Due to a catastrophic mains water supply pipe failure at Woodfield Infants School, Shrewsbury, all water was isolated by Severn Trent at the start of the school holiday.

Unfortunately for the school it was their responsibility to rectify this problem at their expense.  But fortunately the School had signed up to our Emergency Repair Fund (ERF), and after one phone call from PSG, all resources were put into action to rectify the problem.

Due to the age and suspected materials of the existing water main it was decided by PSG's Mechanical team that a complete supply pipe renewal was needed to guarantee the future proofing of the school's water supply.

The overall length of the renewal pipe was approximately 200m of 50mm MDPE pipe, with a very challenging dig incorporating issues for residential access.

Shropshire Cooling had been instructed to undertake the works, and it was completed in time for the start of the new school term, to the delight of the Headteacher, Cathy Rutherford.