Torrential summer rain

During the summer months we are more susceptible to torrential rain showers and flash flooding, the unfortunate recent events in Cornwall have illustrated this all too clearly but there are things that you can do to limit the impact of torrential rain showers:

Making sure gutters are clear of debris is an important part of routine maintenance and if these are clear they will disperse rain water into the ground drainage system and help prevent localised flooding on the premises. However, sometimes the amount of rain which falls in a short space of time can overwhelm even the best systems and the result is overflowing water and the potential for localised flooding.

If the ground is a hard surface then the only way to disperse the water is through the surface drains; it is essential that the gullies for these drains are clear, the drains are flowing freely and that all the gullies have grated covers. Checking the covers and clearing gullies should be part of routine maintenance, it is particularly important to make sure they are clear after a torrential rain shower as very heavy rain showers can result in a lot of debris blocking gully grates or the gullies themselves.

If there has been localised flooding then it is essential that all risks are assessed before anyone attempts to clear a blockage – even a fairly shallow flood can be dangerous and potentially fatal should someone slip or fall.