Swiming pool light fittings

You may already be aware of this issue concerning certain types of swimming pool light fittings, the alert is just over 12 months old now, but has recently been recirculated by the HSE.  However, if you are not please follow this link.

Owners or managers of facilities should:

  1. Identify whether similar lighting systems are found within their premises;
  2. Identify whether the lighting units are attached to the supporting structure / runner by means of a plastic bracket / roller (and the integrity of this is relied upon to support the lighting);
  3. Carry out thorough inspection of the condition of the plastic bracket / roller where similar designed plastic brackets / rollers are found to be present and, where age or condition gives cause for concern, consider replacement of the brackets / rollers or fitting additional securing mechanisms where appropriate.

We will be happy to carry out a thorough inspection and carry out any necessary works on your behalf, please contact us for a no obligation quote.