Severn Hospice Dragon Boat Race 2017

This year’s theme was ‘All Around The World’, each member picked a country and donned some traditional outfits for the day, as you can see from the pictures the team put a massive effort into the fancy dress, even decking the gazebo out as a Middle Eastern Yurt.  Unfortunately, the Town Cryer did not crown us Fancy Dress winners, so it’s back to the drawing board to dream up something even more fabulous for 2018.

We entered our first heat with the mind set of trying our best but had already resigned ourselves to simply ‘having a great day’, but we won!!  Yes, we won!!  However, the second heat did not go so well and we had some quite frantic and out of time rowing going on.  Nevertheless, with a time of 1 min 4 seconds from the first heat we found ourselves in 4th place and into the final. 

Our Team Captain and Drummer, Bethan Humphreys gathered the troops for a team talk… ‘Heads down and listen to me for your timing’.  The team did fantastically, with everybody working together and giving 100%.  As you will see from the photo above, all six finalists were neck and neck and it was down to a photo finish.  Waiting not so patiently on the banks of the River Severn, it didn’t take long for them to announce that The World Wide Wowers had come 5th.  We were absolutely delighted from 37th to 5th, what a fantastic achievement! The overall winners from the day were Aktrion Group for the rowing and RJAH for their Nuns and Bishop’s fancy dress – well done guys!

A big thank you must go to all who sponsored us and in turn allowed us to take part in this fantastic event.  We raised £1,530.00 for Severn Hospice which will go directly to help them caring for terminally ill patients and their families across Shropshire and Mid Wales.  Severn Hospice and their team of volunteers were fantastic throughout the event and the day went by without a hiccup…if you don’t count the team who capsized!

The team are really looking forward to taking part again next year, so watch this space for our fundraising information.