Highlighting potential problems

We are constantly helping customers by actively looking for potential future problems and putting strategies in plan to prevent the closure of a building. Below is an example of corrosion of heating pipes at Woodfield Infants which was uncovered by their mechanical surveyor, Ian Pengilly.

 Ian took immediate action to remedy the situation by:

 1 – Arranging for an Asbestos survey to be carried out.

2 - Asbestos contractor removed asbestos and made safe the duct.

3 - Safety Certification was issued on completion of the area concerned.

4 - Mechanical Contractors instructed to replace defective pipes.

5 - System filled and tested.

6 - Heating system operational.

 This process took about 8 weeks and if this had been in the depths of winter the school may have been closed for a minimum of 2 weeks.