Charles Darwin Shopping Centre, Shrewsbury

We were recently commissioned by Russell Hall (Shopping Centre Operations Manager) to advise and plan an inspection of the mansard roof to the Darwin Shopping Centre along Raven Meadows.  This was following a minor incident of mortar debris falling from the mansard roof and debris being evident in one of the gutters back in June. 

The objective of the inspection was to establish that the existing roof slopes are sound, identify any defects, undertake remedial repair works to maintain the building fabric and safeguard the public from the potential of falling debris.

Considering the prohibitive costs of scaffolding the mansard roof and the limitations of using mobile elevated working platforms, combined with inaccessible roof areas, PSG recommended and obtained quotes from specialist rope access companies to complete the inspection and undertake any subsequent remedial roof repairs works as required.  Rope Task, based in Wednesbury, have subsequently been appointed to undertake a rope access inspection and are currently completing the roof repair works.

As part of the project, PSG liaised with Highways to arrange a partial (rolling) lane/footpath closure along Raven Meadows, to accommodate the inspection/repair works.  The cones and signs were removed at the end of each working day, to minimise the impact of the works on local traffic.

Rope Task have carried a complete inspection of the mansard roofs along Raven Meadows, Castle Court footpath and The Gap carpark, including the following remedial repairs: cleaned the existing gutters, valley gutters and outlets to inaccessible flat roof sections; coated the lead-lined valley gutters and undertaken patch mortar repairs; re-bedded some loose ridge tiles to hips; refixed loose roof tiles; re-secured poorly fitted tingles; & applied a liquid reinforced membrane to the 3 inaccessible flat roof sections, including localised repairs to the existing membrane.

The completed inspection and remedial roof works will help safeguard the general public by preventing any further debris falling off the mansard roof in the short to medium-term, as well keeping the existing mansard/inaccessible flat roof sections watertight.