Building security procedures during the holidays PSG

During the holidays buildings are more vulnerable to break-ins, vandalism, arson and accidental damage. An effective security procedure can help limit the chances of these things happening, and all buildings should have such a procedure in place.

If the building is going to be closed for the whole of the holiday period then it is essential that security systems such as alarms, security lights and CCTV are working properly. Making sure all windows, doors and shutters closed / locked should be the final check before securing and alarming the building for the holidays.

Site security is also important. Fences and gates should be checked regularly to prevent unauthorised access to the site. If a site has lockable gates then these should be locked for the duration of the holidays.

It is important that contact details for key holders are up to date and that PSG have these details. These are often the first point of contact if an incident occurs and out of date contact details can result in unnecessary response delays and extra costs.

If the building is going to be used during the holidays, then the people opening and closing the building should be aware of the alarm and security procedures – a simple checklist can help with this. It is also important to prevent unauthorised access when the building is open and a procedure should be in place to address this. Also, different fire procedures should be in place during the holidays.

If building or maintenance work is being carried out over the holidays then a plan should be agreed between the contractor and the building manager. This plan should include access and security arrangements.

Finally, try to stop people innocently using the carpark as they may think it’s ok during the school holidays. There have been occasions when cars have been locked in or staff have had to wait for the car owners to return before locking up. Both can cause problems and it is often better for anyone accessing the building to simply close the gates when they enter the property.

We wish you all a good Easter and hope you enjoy your break.