Pete Brown

Electrical Engineer

Pete joined the council in 2001 as a junior electrical design engineer in the building design group after spending 14 years in the nuclear power industry, moving on to engineer and senior engineer before joining PSG when the maintenance and architects department amalgamated. He graduated from Wolverhampton University with a degree in engineering in 2007. He has worked on most of the new buildings in Shropshire over the last 15 years, and takes pride in driving around the county knowing that there aren't many places he can go without knowing that he has designed something in the local community.

In his spare time Pete likes to get his waking boots on and head for the hills to enjoy the countryside in his home county. He has also been playing guitar for nearly 40 years and has been in a few local bands, and was even in a thrash metal band once called “Death and Mutilation” but that was a long time ago!