Quarry swimming pool lighting

Key facts

Key Contractor
Acorn Electrics

During storm Dennis in February 2020 there was substantial damage to the roof of the pool which led to water ingress into the lighting system in both the pool and spectator area, so these had to be changed and repaired.

The access walkway, above the pool to the existing heavy lights, was deemed not up to current specifications and over the years the main lights had been supplemented by lamps installed along one side of the pool. So an alternative lighting system needed to be found which did not involve installing lights in the ceiling.

The installation for the pool area was completed using Specialist LED swimming pool lights along the sides of the pool.  Additional floodlights were installed on the diving boards to allow for the light blocked by the flume as downlight was not an option.  All installed to maintain the required illuminance of the pool under CIBSE guidelines. The spectator area was lit using IP rated fittings so the entire system is unaffected by the corrosive and humid environment.

This work was carried out by Acorn Electrical Contractors with funding coming from the corporate landlord. The new installation uses 25% of the energy of the original installation and is also dimmable.

Pete Brown Electrical Engineer said “I used to come here swimming from school in the 1980`s then 40 years later I have the pleasure of designing a new lighting system”.