Condition surveys

Property management is essential to the success of many businesses, but is not always a high priority and a lack of maintenance can ultimately have serious consequences for the day to day operations and the finances of a business. A suitable maintenance strategy is the key to effective property management.

Cost-cutting measures often result in reduced maintenance expenditure, usually to the detriment of the property and can sometimes result in a business not being operational for a period, with the subsequent impact on revenues. It is worth considering that a water leak can put electrical, telecoms and IT systems out of action and damage stock within the building, while a boiler failure could result in the short term closure of a business.

An understanding of the condition of a business premises and a planned maintenance programme can often prevent or alleviate these problems and access to an efficient and knowledgeable reactive maintenance provider can limit the length of time a business is not operating at capacity.

A full condition survey of a building is the basis for an effective maintenance programme and also allows a business to plan for future capital expenditure. PSG have the experience and knowledge to help business understand and plan their property management strategies.

PSG are regularly commissioned to carry out building surveys in both the educational and non-educational sectors; these include schools, commercial, industrial, retail, historic, leisure and residential buildings, large and small. The surveys carried out include measured surveys to produce plans and elevations, detailed condition surveys of the building fabric, electrical and building services, access audits and fire risk assessments. Our surveyors are qualified and experienced in their profession, with the added benefit of having undergone enhanced DBS police records checks.

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