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Condition surveys

Property management is essential to the success of many businesses, but is not always a high priority and a lack of maintenance can ultimately have serious consequences for the day to day operations and the finances of a business.

Invasive species

There are certain invasive plant species which have potential legal and cost implications for premises managers.

Heavy rain

Water is often the root cause of deterioration in buildings and can lead to all manner of problems which can damage the buildings fabric, fittings, electrics and furniture.

Happy Christmas from PSG

Wishing all our customers and contractors a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Repairs to Shrewsbury Library's flag pole

Repairs to Shrewsbury Library's flag pole provides an opportunity to see Shrewsbury from a rare vantage point

Winter weather assistance

It's business as usual for PSG to assist you with your buildings during the severe winter weather in Shropshire

Christmas Jumper Day

PSG are raising money for Save the Children's 'Christmas Jumper Day'

Storage heater safety warning

Council policy has always been to fit guards to storage heaters in areas that are to be used by reception or nursery children due to the high temperatures that the heaters can reach. The photograph above shows a thermal image of the storage heaters installed and with the fan on the air leaving the vent at the bottom of the unit can reach in excess of 110 degrees centigrade.

Waste disposal units

Severn Trent Water have a policy that food disposal units and macerators are not used in commercial kitchens.

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