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Highlighting potential problems

We are constantly helping our customers by actively looking for potential future problems and putting strategies in plan to prevent the closure of buildings. Below is an example of corrosion of heating pipes at Woodfield Infants which was uncovered by their mechanical surveyor, Ian Pengilly.

Use of PSG's approved contractors

All our contractors have gone through a stringent list of requirements to be included on our approved list of contractors . This is because, we as a service, are only as good as the contractors that we send to do the servicing and repairs on our sites. This gives you peace of mind for a quality and professional service and most of importantly a “safe” repair.

Safety concerns over the use of 230V 'safety plug' sockets

During visits to site by your electrical surveyor’s and engineers it has been noticed that a lot of buildings, especially nurseries, are utilizing plug socket inserts to provide an additional level of safety to power sockets.

Water supply pipe failure

Mains water supply pipe failure at Woodfield Infants School, Shrewsbury. PSG's Emergency Repair Fund (ERF) covered the cost of this work

blocked gutter

Gutters and drain maintenance

Tips to reduce the risk of water damage to your property

Torrential summer rain

There are things that you can do to limit the impact of torrential rain showers on your property by following these simple maintenance regimes

Severn Hospice Dragon Boat Race

PSG participated in Severn Hospice's Dragon Boat Festival on the 9th July along the River Severn

Strength Through Adversity Quiz

On 19th July, three teams from PSG took part in a charity quiz night to raise money for Strength Through Adversity

Approved Contractors List

Find out how you can work for PSG

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